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About a year or so ago I heard the owner of this company talk on a Toronto radio station 740am, I have always tried to take care of my skin and have been very impressed with this product since using it.Presently I am using 8items and getting great results. I've used many other brands over the last 40 years,and get many comments on how my skin appears. Being a Canadian Product is such a bonus. Keep up the good work and I look forward to getting your newsletter.
Fran Taylor

Hello There! I have been using Reversa anti spot night and day cream, eye cream and toner for over a month now and the results are WOW!!! Seriously we all her about these new products being released on the market, get suckered in and then we are so disheartened by the NO RESULTS over and over again. Until finally for the first time ever a product was introduced to me be my nail guy, he had used this product for years and swears by it. So I gave it a go!!! I am so amazed by the results that I tell everyone about it that I know would benefit from using it. Its brought life back into my skin back into me and well my confidence is sky high!!! I don't have to look away from people or keep my head down. Everyone has said my skin is almost 2 shades lighter, brighter and glowing like the sun. Best of all I don't need tons of makeup to hide blemishes or spots because they don't exist any more. Reversa wish I had found you a long time ago and I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you!!!

I have been using Reversa cleanser, anti-aging 8% day cream and the eye cream for pufiness for over 1 month now and I am so pleased with the results, everyone noticed how bright and refreshed my face is, this is difinitely my new skin care line. Thank you!!!!
lana samuel

Dear Reversa, Words cannot explain how thankful I am for your products. My brother and I were blessed with my mother's acne filled sensitive skin :( Growing up I have tried product after product desparate for clear skin. Giving each product a good couple of months to work, I have been trying products on the market for the past 10 years. None of them cleared my skin like Reversa. With many of the other products, my face burned or peeled or became disgustingly dry or just broke out further. Reversa has not only cleared my skin, but my complexion is glowing without being oily. Now instead of being embarrased and trying to find a foundation to cover my face up, I get compliments about how great my skin is. I always share my secret - Reversa all the way!
Deanne Reaume

Good Day, I wanted to pass on some excellent feedback about your products! I have been using reversa anti-anging 8% day cream and the corrective night cream 4% for about a year now and I am extremely pleased with how my skin has transformed. I get complimented on my skin all the time and when I tell people I use reversa they go out and buy the product themselves!! So far 5 of my friends are now using the products with great results and it has created a snowball effect!! I do not know how many people we have influenced to buy your product, but it has all been by word of mouth and by strangers asking us about our amazing skin! I am so happy to support a Canadian product and to promote it to anyone I meet!---

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